Sell more product

Without the sourcing, inventory, photoshoots, & shipping.

We help boutiques sell more product without the risk...

Say goodbye to unsold inventory and hello to more sales. Explore our free and paid plans to discover how we can support your business! We source & buy the clothes, take beautiful photographs, automatically create products on your Shopify, and ship every order straight to your customers.

...And we're pretty dang good at it

Daily curated launches

We keep your Shopify loaded with lovely boutique styles to sell. Almost every apparel style comes in S-3XL, some even include XS & XL.

700k+ orders shipped

We have shipped hundreds of thousands of orders for our customers - and we're speedy! Orders ship the same day or next business day.

$65M+ in sales

Our shops have sold more than $65M of Ave products (without the need to hold inventory!), and we're just getting started.

We take care of

Designing, sourcing, and warehousing

A steady flow of amazing products is the lifeblood of every boutique. It's also incredibly time consuming and expensive!

Let our experienced team of buyers take that off your plate. We'll do the trend research, source the styles, and buy the inventory so you don't have to.

See our recent styles

Choosing styles is the just the beginning

We offer you over 30 styles per WEEK, curated into daily boutique style collections.

To offer 30 styles each MONTH you'd have to pay around $5,500 to buy the inventory, spend hundreds of dollars for a photoshoot, and it would take hours upon hours to manage it all.

We provide beautiful photo and video content, create Shopify listings, write engaging product descriptions, package and ship for you, and so much more - you won't believe how affordable it is.

Our team and tech make it easy

Process Inventory

Our warehouse team counts, measures, and organizes the incoming inventory while our creative team takes beautiful photographs and writes descriptions of each style.

Add to your Shopify

Then our proprietary tech creates each product on your Shopify, complete with measurements, descriptions, and pics. All you have to do is publish them and start selling.

Ship to your customer

We package your customer orders with your boutique name and address on the label. We are speedy too - with most orders leaving our US warehouse in 1-2 business days!


I wish I would have found Avenue Shops years before I did! My work/life balance improved drastically when I started letting Ave do the heavy lifting. I can't recommend them enough!

$20k/month Boutique
in Colorado

Ave has taken an enormous amount of work off my plate and that is such a gift in my life. I can run a business and still spend time with my family, and that's priceless.

$25k/month Boutique
in Washington

I was struggling to balance it all after new baby #3, during a time of rapid growth in my boutique... then I discovered Ave Shops. Talk about the BEST. KEPT. SECRET. in this industry. Take your life back, mama, Ave Shops has got you covered!

$25k/month Boutique
in Texas

Avenue Shops transformed our business. We were able to add dozens of new styles a week with no additional warehouse space or team members. It has allowed us to experience huge growth without taking on additional risk!

$500k/month Boutique
in Florida

A partnership with Ave has been instrumental in the growth of our business. This service allows us to offer more products to our customers with less time and less money invested.

$30k/month boutique
in Alabama



Your customer can place an order for one of our items, and our team will ship it directly to them from our Utah warehouse. You don’t have to lift a finger!

1. You can order samples on the WS site for yourself and pay at checkout.

2. For customer orders, you'll never pay a dime until a customer places an order on your site, and then you'll take advantage of our flexible payment options to decide when you'll pay.

We currently are able to integrate with Shopify and CommentSold.

We work with shops that are just launching with their first sale, all the way to shops selling 100k+ per month.

Nope! You can cancel at any time.

We LOVE this question! Big, resounding YES! Many B&M stores use our service to go online without having to put their in person inventory on a website. You can advertise our launches as "online exclusive" styles!

You also can use our WS site to buy in bulk for your B&M store. (Our quarterly sales are a GREAT time to scoop up amazing pieces in bulk at low low prices!)

We will issue a full refund on damaged or defective product, but do not offer returns for any other reason.

Shipping FAQ

Shipping costs are based on the order weight, in the following tiers:

$4 up to .25lbs

$5 .25-.75lbs

$7 .75-1lbs

$8.50 Flatrate Jeans <1lbs

$10 1-5lbs

$15 5-10lbs

$20 10lbs+

We ship in blind polymailer packaging with your return address on the label. Packages appear to have come from YOU!

Each piece is bagged individually inside the package. We do not include anything that would identify Avenue Shops in any way.

Once an order is paid, we typically ship within 1-2 business days, unless it is a preorder item, which is clearly advertised in the product title and listing.

1. If you install our Shopify app and sync items to your website, your orders will be automatically fulfilled with tracking  numbers added to your Shopify when we create the shipping label. It's so easy, you'll love it!

2. If you place orders directly on our website, a tracking number will be assigned in your order history when we create the shipping label.

1. If you install our Shopify app and sync to your website, you can personalize your shipping label with your boutique name and return address!

2. If you place orders directly on our website, the return address will just say the generic name Happy Shippers with our Utah warehouse address.

1. If you install our Shopify app and sync items to your website, you can personalize your packing slip with the message of your choice.

2. If you place orders directly on our website, the packing slip will just include the name of each item. No pricing or wholesale information is included.